Love, Joy, Peace...
Pitman Nazarene's Youth Group is Vibrant, Fun, and a Great Place to Connect!

Pitman Nazarene Youth L.I.O.N.S. is a safe place where students can escape the stress, drama, and anxiety they may experience in other areas of their lives. It is a great place to explore, learn, grow, and build strong life-long relationships with God and with peers. Our youth group is part of Nazarene Youth International (NYI), which is the Youth Ministry arm of the Nazarene denomination. NYI is open to all students in grades 6-12. Attending Pitman church of the Nazarene is not a requirement to take part in youth group. 

Weekly Activities 

The weekly youth group gathering is often the most visible part of youth ministry at Pitman Nazarene. Students gather during the school year for lessons, games, snacks, and to encourage and support one another. While these gatherings occur mostly during the school year, other opportunities to gather are arranged throughout the summer. 

Monthly Youth Hangouts 

On the third Friday OR on the third Saturday (depending on what the planned activity is) the youth have their monthly hangout. This is a great time to invite friends! The local NYI council (pastors and youth representatives) plan out these monthly activities. Sometimes the hangout is at the church where we play games, watch movies, eat pizza, and more, but other times we gather for adventures off-campus. Some things we have done in the past include bowling, going ax throwing, going pumpkin picking, and going to Creamy Acres to see the Christmas Lights display. 

Sunday School (9:30am Sunday Mornings)

In the Youth Sunday School, students have the opportunity to dig into scripture together and wrestle with the implications for their lives today. Pastor Lucas leads a lesson each week not just for students to learn or memorize bible stories, but to seek to relevant understanding of how the lessons encourage, help, and challenge students in their lives at school and at home.


LIONS Youth is lead by Pastor Lucas Suitter. Pastor Lucas was added to the Pitman Nazarene pastoral staff in February 2024. Pastor Lucas is a recent graduate of Eastern Nazarene College and brings a fresh insight and energy to our youth programs. 

Our youth group is also, in part, led by students. Each year the students elect three of their peers to serve as part of the local NYI Council. They elect an NYI President, a Senior High Representative, and a Junior High Representative. The NYI President gets to serve as a voting member of Pitman Nazarene's church board, giving voice to the thoughts and concern of the youth to the wider church. The Senior High Representative fills in at board meetings if the NYI president is not able to attend. The NYI President and both representatives work with the youth pastor and senior pastor as the Local NYI Council to help brainstorm and plan what youth programing will look like for the coming year. 

Safe Place

Bullying, gossiping, and cliques are not tolerated. Students are not punished or chastised if they do these things, but they are encouraged towards and given skills for building strong relationships with their peers. One student recently said something that sums things up well. She said, "I like coming here because I don't always have to be on guard, it feels safe here. At school I'm always worried about dressing just right or having my hair just right, or about speaking up to share my thoughts on something because of what people might say. At school I am always on guard about what my friends or strangers might think. I don't have to worry about any of that here. We share our thoughts and our struggles, and we all support one another. It is like being part of a family." (shared with permission).

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