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Next Classes: 4/21, 4/28, 5/5

Our membership classes, which are held 3 times per year, are both for those who are interested in becoming members, and also for those who are interested in learning more about our church family and about our parent denomination. Not sure yet? It is OK to take part in the class and then choose not to become a member yet. 

So, what is church membership? Perhaps the term "partnership" might be a little more clear. A person becoming a member of a church is similar to saying, "I can see what God is doing in and through this place, and I'd like to partner with that." 

Membership classes include three sessions and meet after worship. Participants are encouraged to bring their lunch to enjoy as we discuss the history of the church and denomination, our theology, and what membership looks like. 

So whether you're interested in membership, or you are just curious to learn more, I hope that you'll join us for these sessions. 

God Bless,

Pastor Shane

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